Trust Me! O_O (lokiz_mom) wrote in steamoween,
Trust Me! O_O

ok i just have to say

studio foglio has got to be the BEST store to order from. i ordered these goggles last week (on wednesday), sent them an e-mail panicking to be sure they were here on time, and they said they deliver on thursday so it shouldn't be an issue. well...i, of course, have no faith in the USPS, so i was already looking at alternatives. well...the goggles came in today and they are unfuckingbelievable!!!!!!!!!! they're perfect! and they come with my very own arch-nemesis. i would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for stuff like this.

thank you to kukla_tko42 for suggesting them.

x-posted a bunch of different places 'cos i'm all excitamafied!
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