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Meat pies, oh my!


A friend of mine wants to go as the delicious Mrs. Lovett for Halloween.  Her darling gent has agreed to go as Sweeney.  I've no problem with the Sweeney costume - can sew vests with one hand tied behind my back.  Need help on Mrs. Lovett, though!  Specifically, tips/tricks/DIYs for a good bustle skirt (sure I will end up making many of these anyway) and an inexpensive source for corsets or bodices or girdles or *something* lovely to put about her waist.

Oh, and corsets.  We're both very into this idea.  Assuming one has the supplies, time, access to a basic sewing machine (nothing industrial, mind you, I won't be working with PVC any time soon) and the knowledge to stitch a straight line on said machine, how difficult is it truly to make one's own corset (following a pattern, I suppose)?  Something I've always wanted to try, and have access to a couple of suppliers (farthingales & alteryears) but am spooked by the difficulty level . . . thoughts?

With deepest gratitude . . .
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